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Linemen Gallery: Homage to the Big Men Up Front

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Football, Gridiron Gallery | 0 comments

OXFORD, Miss. — Every photographer hopes to catch the big play, the great catch, the touchdown run, the big hit, or the incredible interception. We move to different spots, we shoot around the referees, the chain gang, and the ball boys. 

All for the opportunity to capture the big moment.

We at The Rebel Walk try to take different angles all the time. Being a former lineman myself, I understand what allows the big play on offense, or the bone-crushing hit on defense. Simply put, it’s the offensive and defensive lines.

If the big boys aren’t doing their job, or if they aren’t operating as a cohesive unit, the big plays don’t happen.   

So we are starting a living gallery dedicated to our interior guys. Every week we cover a game, there will be photos added to this gallery.   

Thanks big fellas, this is for you!






Tennessee and Arkansas

(Feature image: Dan Anderson, The Rebel Walk)

Dan Anderson
Dan Anderson

Dan Anderson is a photographer and writer for The Rebel Walk. In addition to his work covering Ole Miss football and baseball for The Rebel Walk, Dan has written for a number of newspapers and has experience as a public address announcer, handling both play-by-play and color commentary. Dan has been involved with athletics as a player, coach or parent for 40 years, and brings this unique perspective to his coverage, whether through his lens or with his pen.

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