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Freeze says Treadwell could return in spring

Freeze says Treadwell could return in spring

For Rebel fans everywhere, it was good to hear Coach Freeze and quarterback Bo Wallace speak in today’s Ole Miss weekly football press conference. The eyes—and most certainly the hearts–of Rebel Nation are focused on Oxford as the Rebels try to recover from the mental and physical blows suffered in a 35-31 loss to Auburn Saturday night.

Hearing from the coach and the quarterback as they prepare for the upcoming game against Presbyterian will perhaps assure Rebel fans that their star wide receiver and their team are handling the heartbreaking weekend with the strength and spirit with which they have handled adversity all season.

Treadwell could return for spring football

Perhaps the most important news coming out of the press conference is that Laquon Treadwell could be back on the field for spring practice.

The Rebels lost more than the game when the sensational sophomore wide receiver was injured as he crossed the goal line for what appeared to be the go-ahead touchdown. As Rebel fans everywhere are aware, Treadwell was carted off the field with a fractured fibula and dislocated ankle on his left leg. Losing the game was secondary; the condition of Treadwell superseded everything else.

The hearts of Rebel Nation are with sophomore WR Laquon Treadwell as he recovers from injury. (Photo credit: Bentley Breland)

The hearts of Rebel Nation are with sophomore WR Laquon Treadwell as he recovers from injury. (Photo credit: Bentley Breland)

At the weekly press conference, Coach Freeze thanked Rebel Nation and others for “all the outpouring of love and support” for Laquon Treadwell. He said he and his wife visited Laquon in the hospital Sunday, as did many of his teammates, and found him to be holding up well.

When asked about his talented player’s condition, Freeze said, “He was good but as a competitor…in his mind he let us down in some way, which certainly we don’t feel that way.”  Freeze said he and the staff and players will help Treadwell through the emotional aspects of his recovery.

With such a devastating injury as Treadwell’s, it was certainly wonderful to hear Freeze say he is “looking at 4 or so months of recovery time” for Laquon.

Bo Wallace on Treadwell

Quarterback Bo Wallace spoke after Freeze and brightened things up a little when he described his conversations with Laquon:

“He said he’s going to be out there pushing guys. He said he will call himself ‘Coach Treadwell.’”

Wallace added this did not surprise him at all because Treadwell is such a leader on the team.

There can be no better news for Rebel fans as we all try to deal with the aftermath of one of the most crushing endings to a football game in memory. To lose the game is one thing; to lose a player of the caliber and character of Treadwell is quite another. It’s good to hear that all hopes are for him to return in the spring.

If you would like to send a card or letter to Laquon Treadwell or Denzel Nkemdiche (who is also out for the season), Ole Miss Athletics ask that you send it to the following address:

Ole Miss Football
(C/O Laquon Treadwell or Denzel Nkemdiche)
P.O. Box 1848
1810 Manning Way
University, MS 38677-1848

NOTE: Please put “C/O Laquon Treadwell” or C/O “Denzel Nkemdiche” in the address so letters reach the appropriate player.

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