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QB1 Film Room: High-Flying Ole Miss takes down the Razorbacks, 52-51

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OXFORD, Miss. — In this week’s edition of The QB1 Film Room, we take a look at the Rebels’ thrilling 52-51 win over the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday at Vaught-Hemingway.

Junior quarterback Matt Corral was 14-of-21 for 287 yards and two touchdowns. On the ground, the Rebel starter rushed for 94 yards on 15 carries and two scores. The Ventura, California native extended his passing touchdown streak to 17-straight games, and is ranked No. 2 in the nation in ESPN Total QBR.

There are a lot of outstanding offensive plays to look at in this back-and-forth affair, so let’s get right to it!

Video 1 – Corral to Jahcour Pearson on 4th Down

The Rebels lead the country in fourth down attempts (24) and fourth down conversions (18) in their five games. These totals are a step ahead of two triple-option academy teams, Air Force and Army, respectfully.

That right there tells us the mental approach of the Rebels offensively, and it didn’t take long to test the 4th Down Chart against Arkansas.

Video 2 – Parrish for the 1st Down

Here we go again with the Rebs’ vaunted 4th down game, in this case a handoff to Henry Parrish that easily picks up the yard needed and even more behind a great push by the O-Line.

Video 3 – Matty picks up the 1st down

Here we have a 3rd & 8 quarterback run that’s implementing the zone or “stretch” blocking scheme. The Hog DE gets upfield on the pass rush and Matt finds a crease inside as the linebacker overruns the play as he keys the RB.

Video 4 – Another first down for Parrish and the Rebs

What’s an initial drive without THREE fourth down attempts? And the Chart says, “Let’s do it!”
Those who are faint of heart need not apply. It’s Parrish again!

Video 5 – Corral bulldozes for his 7th Rushing TD in 2021

From 5 yards out on first down, Ole Miss lines up in the three-receiver formation to their right, motions a 4th player to that side to create confusion, and then Matt takes the snap and runs off tackle through three unblocked defenders. It reminds me a bit of some ‘70s quarterbacks I know. (That’s a compliment.)

Video 6 – Corral to Drummond for the 67-yard TD

It’s every quarterback’s dream to have both DB’s bite on the Wide Receiver screen when it’s no screen at all. See ya, Dontario!

Video 7 – Corral takes a lickin’ and still scores the 2-pt conversion

We set and reset the formation for the 2-point conversion, then Matt fakes the reverse to John Rhys Plumlee before bootlegging out. After finding no one open, he takes a wicked hit to the head and he’s in.

Video 8 – Corral to Plumlee

At this point during my in-game analyses on The Rebel Walk Forum, I mentioned that if we were going to indeed trade touchdowns, the Rebels defense needed to get a stop so we could get the upper hand in the scoring rotation. It’s exactly what happened after a big sack by LB Chance Campbell, turning the tables with just enough time left in the half.

Plumlee, from the slot receiver spot at the bottom, does a great screen fake before heading upfield. The ball is placed perfectly but what’s most noticeable is the exceptionally aggressive reaction to the flight of the football by JRP.

Video 9 – Corral’s diving TD, 8th on the ground this year

Proving once again that he’s a darned good runner as a quarterback, Matt goes in for the score from the 7. The Rebels line up in the empty set and Matt follows the block of left tackle Nick Broeker and simply refuses to get tackled.

The Rebs now have the lead score for the first time in the game and hope to no longer be playing catch-up.

Video 10 – Henry Parrish, Jr….”Here he goes”

Oh yeah, we see you, Henry Parrish, Jr.

Video 11 – Snooop cuts loose for 51-yard TD

SNOOP! What a huge play after the Hogs had scored 10 unanswered points to tie the game!

Video 12 – Shifty Corral picks up the 1st down

Here’s a scramble by Matt where he employs a little Crazy Legs Hirsch action. You may have to look him up.

Video 13 – Another 4th down converted

It’s 4th and 4 on the opponent’s 45. The Chart says go for it. The Rebels line up in double slots, then run two crossing patterns and hit the curl route in between them. Well-designed and yet another 4th-down conversion.

Video 14 – Snoop takes it to the house for 34-yard TD

SNOOP for another go-ahead score!!

Video 15 – Corral to Sanders…a thing of beauty

I have to admit as I watched Matt sit in that pocket for an eternity, clean as a whistle, I literally threw my play sheet into the air before he ever released the ball. Braylon Sanders on the reception!!

Video 16 – Corral to Sanders on 68-yard TD, “What a Show!”

Another quarterback’s dream is when the cornerback bites on the stop route, and it’s a Braylon Sanders running past him. Here’s the actual game-winner, folks!

But as we know all too well, not necessarily before a ton of drama.

David Walker
David Walker

David is the consummate true-freshman quarterback, first pioneering the position only a year after college freshmen were given varsity eligibility by the NCAA in 1972. In 1973, the left-handed all-state gunslinger from Sulphur, Louisiana started for the Texas A&M Aggies and earned the All-Southwest Conference Freshman of the Year award as selected by the league’s coaches. He was only 17, and still holds the NCAA record as the youngest starting quarterback in college football history. He wore No. 8 at A&M in honor of one of his football heroes, Archie Manning.

In becoming the winningest quarterback ever at A&M, David was converted from a dual-threat QB to a triple option trailblazer. The two-time team captain led three record-breaking offenses that changed the direction of football at A&M forever, establishing once and for all the winning tradition that the Aggies had so-long desired.

As a high school head coach in Houston in the late ‘80s, David stationed his quarterback in the shotgun formation, having him reading defenses and throwing hot routes at a time when such offensive schemes were frowned upon by traditional fans and coaches. One of his quarterbacks tossed 57 passes in a single game, which stood as the all-time Greater Houston Area record for many years. 

As you can tell from his bona fides, David is extremely qualified as our expert on all things Quarterback at Ole Miss. Enjoy his exclusive analysis only here at The Rebel Walk!

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