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QB1 Film Room: Matt Corral and his Rebels defeat Austin Peay, 54-17

QB1 Film Room: Matt Corral and his Rebels defeat Austin Peay, 54-17

OXFORD, Miss. — Welcome to another edition of the QB1 Film Room as we take a look at Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral and the Rebels’ offense in last week’s 54-17 win over Austin Peay.

For his performance, Corral was named the Walter Camp National FBS Offensive Player of the Week.

Through the first two games of the season, the Rebels are averaging 599.5 yards per game of total offense, including 337.5 yards through the air and 262.0 yards on the ground. Ole Miss is also tied at No. 5 in the country for points per game, at 48.5. Corral is ranked No. 4 in the nation in total offense at 752 yards, averaging 376 per game.

So let’s get to the film room….

Video 1: Henry Parrish on the run, working an inside zone play

I’m starting with this play because it’s Henry Parrish, Jr. on the run working an inside zone play. His family also stood out at the Mercedes Benz Dome. Great job here — and there!!


Henry Parrish, Jr.’s family in full support in Mercedes Benz Stadium. (Photo: David Walker, Rebel Walk)

Video 2: Sprint right by Matt and throw into the flat to Dontario

The first score of the night comes off a play that Joe Montana used to work so well in goal line situations. It’s a sprint right by Matt and a quick throw into the flat to Dontario Drummond.

Video 3: First and 20? No problem

1st and 20 no big deal. Matt sees Drop 8 Cover 3 pre-snap and finds Drummond on the post pattern underneath the free safety — a very well thrown football into a tight spot.

Video 4: Jerrion Ealy 

Has anyone noticed that Jerrion Ealy is wide left? And that the DB covering him is within could-miss-that-tackle range? Matt did.

Video 5: Run fake and a snap throw off the disconnect

Here we have a really good run fake and a snap throw off the disconnect by Matt. It’s a quick stop route that results in a good gain.

Video 6: Matt fakes the dive…

Here on 4th down, Matt fakes the dive and breaks outside the defensive end for the first down. Almost makes me nostalgic…almost.

Video 7: Corral to Mingo

Here we go, Corral to Mingo for 15 on a play that looks far too easy. I’m thinking a skinny post-and-go but from this tight of an angle, it’s difficult to be sure. What’s important is an open receiver got the football in a great spot on the field.

Video 8: 4th and short — Matt to Dontario

Did Dontario want this one, or what? Going for it once again on 4th and short and this time way out of field goal range, Matt manages to free himself just enough to get the ball off and Drummond takes care of the rest himself.

Video 9: Matt to Henry in the right flat

On this play, Austin Peay is bringing the house from the Rebels’ right side and Matt cooly finds Parrish in the right flat. Parrish will prove once again that he’s quite a running back after the catch.

Video 10: Braylon Sanders on shallow crossing pattern

Next is Braylon Sanders on a shallow crossing pattern that the Governors just lost track of. Matt uses some nice touch on the ball and it’s an easy trot to the end zone.

Video 11: Matt to Jonathan Mingo

Notice on this play the tight end tapping his head on the left and then the right. He’s telling his back, “I’ve got inside, you take the outside” in blocking responsibilities. Matt has his choice of two deep patterns and Mingo is his choice, a perfectly thrown pass that leads to another score.

Video 12: Matt picks up the first down with his legs

Here’s another reason Matt is so good out of this offense. The kid can scoot. He’s fun to watch and has a real knack for avoiding tacklers.

Video 13: Altmyer hands off to JRP

Luke Altmyer hands off to John Rhys Plumlee.

Video 14: JRP at QB 

Kiffin said he played JRP at the end of the game to make people stay….well, we wanted you to stay until the end of the article… so, here’s John Rhys Plumlee at QB.

Katy Perry on board

Katy Perry — she who picked the Rebels’ upset of Bama in 2014 — is all aboard the Lane Train….and the Matt-Corral-For-Heisman Train.

Next Up

Ole Miss and Tulane square off at 7:00 pm Saturday on ESPN 2. Join us next week as we break down all the offensive fireworks from Matt Corral and the Rebels in the QB1 Film Room.

Hotty Toddy!

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