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A visit with 2022 WR Noah Thomas and his Clear Springs head coach Craig Dailey

A visit with 2022 WR Noah Thomas and his Clear Springs head coach Craig Dailey

Football recruiting for the class of 2022 is in full swing, and nowhere is that more evident than in the blazing hot recruitment of 6-foot-5-inch, 180-pound wide receiver Noah Thomas of Clear Creek Springs High School (League City, TX).

Thomas recently received an offer from Ole Miss to add to his other SEC offers.

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Recruiting is like football’s own law of attraction where energy attracts energy. Each day across the country, prospects are working hard and manifesting energy to visualize and materialize their dream of playing football on Saturdays. Some have more opportunities than others, but no matter the circumstances those who have that drive will find a way to get there.

Noah has the opportunity to choose from a growing list of top schools who are realizing what a talent he is. When you know, you know, and Thomas is one of those kids of whom it only took a few short clips of film to know he is born to play this game. 

Offers rolling in

When I first started watching his film at the first of December, Noah had no SEC offers — but it didn’t take long for his recruitment to shift into high gear.

He now has 14 offers, five of which are from SEC schools: Ole Miss, Tennessee, Arkansas, A&M and South Carolina. He also has offers from SMU, Nebraska, Kansas, Notre Dame, Penn State, Cal, Baylor, Colorado and Houston. Of course, what stands out immediately is Noah’s 6-foot-5 frame, but the three-sport athlete possesses insane speed and physicality that is fun to watch.

Earlier this month, his DOMO National Team won the first big 7-on-7 tournament of the 2021 season at the Pylon Dallas event. Thomas turned heads in the tourney, as evidenced by the comments from 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong:

The most dominant player for the champions was 2022 receiver Noah Thomas out League City (Texas) Clear Springs. The Lone Star Standout led a roster of players from four different states and at 6-foot-5, 180-pounds he was a tough matchup for any challenger.

Steve Wiltfong (247Sports) on Noah Thomas

We recently had a chance to catch up with Noah and his Clear Springs high school head coach Craig Dailey to learn more about the young man and his program.

Clear Springs head coach Craig Dailey

Rebel Walk: Can you tell our readers about your football background?

Coach Dailey: I played at Seguin High School and then Division 3 football at Texas Lutheran University. I coached three years at Seguin High School (one as WR coach, two as QB coach), and coached seven years at Clear Springs High School (the Offensive Coordinator and QBs coach). I also coached two years at Katy High School as QB Coach and have just finished my fifth season as head coach of Clear Springs High School.

Clear Springs head football coach Craig Dailey led his team to an unbeaten district championship. (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

Rebel Walk: What has been the biggest change you have had to adapt to as a coach and a team to still thrive and remain motivated during this pandemic?

Coach Dailey: We have had to adapt everything we have done in the past—from how we watch video, how we dress, how practice runs and how we do recovery.  Pretty much every aspect of our program has had to change in some way.

Rebel Walk: What has been the most valuable takeaway you have had coaching during this time?

Coach Dailey: Don’t take things for granted.  

Rebel Walk: What is your football philosophy?

Coach Daily: We have 3 Core Values 

  1. Trust – in every successful relationship, business, team, etc., you have to have trust
  2. Discipline – Do things the right way
  3. Do Your Best – give your all in everything you do

Rebel Walk: Coach, you play some of the toughest teams in the state of Texas. Your team went  7-3 overall this season and 6-0 in conference. How important was having the opportunity this past fall to continue to play football for your program and for players like Noah Thomas looking to build their recruiting stock?

Coach Dailey: It was important for our program, school, and community.  It brought back some normalcy in our lives.  It was very important for our 2021 class since they missed the opportunity of having spring recruiting.  It at least gave them the opportunity to get some video, but it has been a tough go in recruiting for the 2021 class.  

The 2022 class had the opportunity to get some Junior game film which is very important in the recruiting process.  Hopefully, we get to have spring ball in 2021 to allow them to get evaluated even more.

The season was important for Noah because he was transitioning from corner to wide receiver.  All his previous game film was from him playing corner.

Rebel Walk: What has been one of the best plays you have seen Noah make?

Coach Dailey: He caught a fade ball against Dickinson, I believe, for a big first down. Great release, stacked the defender, and used great body position to shield the DB.

Rebel Walk: What kind of program do you think Noah would find the most success in?

Coach Dailey: Noah can be successful in many different programs.  He has a disciplined mindset and his work ethic can fit in anywhere.

Rebel Walk: What do you think sets a player like Noah apart that will get him noticed more this upcoming season?

Coach Dailey: His physicality at WR. Yes, he is long and can go get the deep ball, but his ability to break tackles is huge. It usually takes more than one individual to bring him down.

Rebel Walk: As offers begin to roll in for Noah. How do you see his potential in a conference like the SEC?

Coach Dailey: The SEC is the most physical conference in the country and that is exactly what type of player Noah is.

Rebel Walk: What kind of dynamic do you think he could bring to Coach Lane Kiffin’s offense at Ole Miss?

Coach Dailey: Noah is a player can you can throw it to vertically down the field and let him go get it.  He is also someone you can throw a screen to, to get yards.

Rebel Walk: What would you say are his top two ‘x-factors’ with respect to his skillset at wide receiver?

Coach Dailey: His ability to jump and get the ball in the air, and his ability to physically run over DBs.

Rebel Walk: What is the top advice you give to your athletes during recruitment?

Coach Dailey: Take football out of the equation and ask yourself: ‘Can you be happy living and attending school there for the next 4 years?’  If the answer is yes, then it’s a good place for you.

Rebel Walk: What would be the first song you are listening to while gearing up for practice and a gameday?

Coach Dailey: Lose Yourself by Eminem

Interview with Noah Thomas

Rebel Walk: What would be your hashtag to describe your football recruitment? 

Noah Thomas: #GodIsGood

Rebel Walk: What has been the biggest change you have had to adapt to in your recruitment this year to remain motivated and thrive? 

Noah Thomas: All the gyms were closed because of COVID, but I stayed positive and my Dad put me to work. Also, not being able to have a spring game or have coaches on campuses last spring really set recruits back. 

Rebel Walk: What sort of program do you see yourself being able to thrive most at?

Noah Thomas: I’m looking for a program with a positive culture that competes at a high level.

Noah Thomas runs past a would-be Pearland tackler in a game December 10, 2020.

Rebel Walk: What are the top qualities as a player and person you want potential coaches and programs to take away when they see you?

Noah Thomas: Mostly that I really value being a great teammate, and I love to do the things in games that help my teammates do well. Also, I’m very competitive and I will always work hard.

Rebel Walk: What outside of football will be the biggest influence(s) when you narrow your top schools down the road?

Noah Thomas: Support systems.

Rebel Walk: As a wide receiver what are the ‘x-factors’ in your skillset that you bring to the table?

Noah Thomas: Obviously being tall helps me go get any ball, but I also take pride in blocking for my teammates and I can get yards after the catch.

Rebel Walk: As a multi-sport athlete who also plays other varsity sports (basketball and track ), is that something you will factor in during your recruitment?

Noah Thomas: Not really. I do think the other sports really help me develop other skills though.

Rebel Walk: Would you like to continue to play those sports along with football at the next level?

Noah Thomas: That would be fun, not sure if it’s a possibility though.

Rebel Walk: You are on the SEC radar now and there will probably be more SEC offers heading your way. What would it mean to you to play Saturdays in the SEC?

Noah Thomas: It’s a dream. For these big-time football schools to see my potential, I feel like I’m living a dream.

Rebel Walk: What appeals to you if you had the opportunity to play for Coach Kiffin and his explosive offense?

Noah Thomas: Coach Kiffin finds a lot of ways to get his playmakers the ball. His offense would get any receiver excited.

Rebel Walk: Who’s been your biggest influence(s) in your high school career?

Noah Thomas: My dad. I look up to my three big brothers, too, but my dad teaches me to be respectful and to work hard.

Rebel Walk: Now that the off-season has arrived, what will be your focus to help build on your development as a player?

Noah Thomas: I want to stay in the weight room and keep working with a receivers coach I’ve started with to get better every day. It’s tough to find time playing three sports and studying, but I’m using every extra minute I have to try to be as prepared for next season as I can be.

Rebel Walk: Not only do you bring the heat on your HS team but you also have the opportunity to play with some of Texas’s best athletes on your 7v7 team. How has that extra opportunity helped you develop when you’re not playing for your HS?

Noah Thomas: Some people say 7on7 doesn’t help, but I disagree.  I get to go against really great DB’s and work on improving my skill set. Also, my teammates are really talented, so it pushes me to get better.

Rebel Walk: How has your 7v7 family helped in your recruiting process?

Noah Thomas: My 7on7 coaches for my local and national team have helped so much. They’ve really built my confidence and they’ve helped to get my film out too. Coach Deuce and Coach Willy are like family.

Rebel Walk: What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you’re not playing football?

Noah Thomas: To be honest, I don’t have a lot of spare time. I like hanging around my family and friends when I can. 

Rebel Walk: What is your top advice you would give other athletes during recruitment?

Noah Thomas: A coach told me something the other day and I think it’s great advice: ‘Never forget who you are. All of this football stuff will be gone someday and the kind of person you are will be what really matters.’

Rebel Walk: What is your go-to get hype song you listen to during football season?

Noah Thomas: Green Dot-NBA YoungBoy

How He Fits In The Sip

If you didn’t know much about Thomas and just caught some of his recent film, you might see his poise and talent and assume he has been playing wide receiver all his life. You would be wrong.

This young man has just recently transitioned from corner, where he played his freshman and sophomore seasons, to wide receiver this past fall. His offensive and defensive skillset could be dangerous in the Rebels’ playbook. If he has been able to play so well at WR in such a short time, just imagine what another year will do for his development — and what he would look like in a Lane Kiffin offense.

Hotty Toddy!

(Feature image: Clear Springs’ Noah Thomas (3) pulls down a long pass over Pearland’s Malik Williams (27) Thursday, Dec. 10 at Challenger Columbia Stadium. Kirk Sides/Photographer)

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann is the Director of Recruiting for The Rebel Walk. She is a veteran SEC sports journalist and NFL content writer. She is also the Sr. Editor for MESPORTS digital. Herring-Olvedo is a Brown University graduate who loves good cigars, good games, and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.

About The Author

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann is the Director of Recruiting for The Rebel Walk. She is a veteran SEC sports journalist and NFL content writer. She is also the Sr. Editor for MESPORTS digital. Herring-Olvedo is a Brown University graduate who loves good cigars, good games, and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.

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