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The Rebel Walk Roundtable: Our Week 6 SEC Picks

The Rebel Walk Roundtable: Our Week 6 SEC Picks

After beating the Rebs, Alabama is officially at the top of CFB, with a few SEC teams hot on the trail of the Tide. Six of the league’s teams are off this weekend, but there’s still plenty of action.

After last week’s games, a rarity has occurred — the prognosticators of The Rebel Walk Roundtable, Land Teller, Hays Dubberly, Jake Evans, and Evie Van Pelt, are all tied up at 39-11 on the season.

As we make our pics for Week 6, we begin with the Rebels’ Homecoming game against Vanderbilt.

The Rebel Walk Roundtable, Week 6

6:30 P.M – Vanderbilt (1-3, 0-2 SEC) vs Ole Miss (2-2, 1-1 SEC)

Spread: MISS -7

O/U: 63.5

Jake: This game is always close, no matter how good or bad either team is. The Dores have some talent in guys like RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, WR Kalija Lipscomb, and TE Jared Pinkney, however, Vandy hasn’t figured out how to make that trio work together. The Dores were the last Power-5 team to win a game this year, and after the Rebs’ showing in Tuscaloosa, I’m confident that Ole Miss’ offense will have a field day. Vandy’s defense is allowing 39 PPG so far, and with Patrick Willis in the house, homecoming festivities, and a night kickoff (THANK GOODNESS), there is no way the Rebs don’t show out. Rebs by about 2 TDs.

Evie: This should be a fun game for Ole Miss fans, with Homecoming festivities and the celebration of Patrick Willis being named to the College Football Hall of Game all taking place at The Vaught. As for the actual game, itself, I think we’ll see the Rebels win by more than the spread. The defense will do its job against Ke’Shawn Vaughn and the young Ole Miss offense will score early and often. 

Land: This is a must-win for Coach Luke and if he doesn’t get it, this season is essentially over; I think he knows this (at least I hope he does) and I think he gets his Rebs ready and they pull away in the second half (see Arkansas). WATCH THE REBEL-PHOENIXES RISE FROM THE CHANCELLOR-DEBACLE ASHES.

Hays: Personally, I do not see how Vandy will be able to keep up with the Ole Miss offense no matter who is at quarterback. The Rebels should win pretty handily since Vanderbilt’s offense is one-dimensional. Vanderbilt’s offensive strength is the Rebels’ defensive strength. 

Ross: Ole Miss will come out and stop the running attack of Vandy’s star RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, forcing QB Riley Neal to beat the Rebels. I’d say Vandy has a good chance at doing this, throwing against the Ole Miss below-average secondary. Vandy will put up some points, but I do not believe they will be able to outscore the Rebels’ offense.

11 A.M. – Utah State (3-1) vs #5 LSU (4-0)

Spread: LSU -26.5

O/U: 73.5

Jake: It’s not at night, so Utah State will be able to escape Death Valley alive. However, the Tigers are going to roll again against a team that is just no match for them. Tigers by a bunch.

Evie: Since 2001, LSU has gone 54-1 at home against non-conference opponents. They’ll be 55-1 after this game. The Tigers have scored 231 points through four games–the most ever by an SEC team in its first four games. Oh, and LSU leads the FBS with an average of 57.8 points per game. This one could get ugly fast. At least, for Utah State’s sake, it’s a day game. LSU continues to roll. 

Land:  This game may have been more interesting last year, but now LSU is playing big-boy football so they roll easily.

Hays: LSU will drop 60 on the Aggies. These Aggies won’t be handle to keep up with the Tigers offensive firepower.

Ross: LSU’s offense will have a field day against the Aggies. Tigers roll.

2:30 P.M. – #7 Auburn (5-0, 2-0 SEC) vs #10 Florida (5-0, 2-0 SEC)

Spread: AUB -2.5

O/U: 48.5

Jake: This might be my favorite game of the entire season, besides Alabama/LSU. Honestly, I don’t think Florida is the 10th best team in the nation. It’s just a matter of time before they finally lose. I think that week is finally here. I see Auburn pounding the Gators on the ground, and Bo Nix having a solid enough day to keep Mullen’s defense off-balance. I think Auburn wins a big one in The Swamp, and starts Florida’s losing streak. 

Evie: I am looking forward to this game and not just because I think I’ll get to see Dan Mullen lose….but also because it should be a pretty good game. I like how true freshman Bo Nix has responded at QB for Auburn. Oh, and did I mention I enjoy watching Dan Mullen lose? Tigers win this one on the road at the Swamp but not by much. 

Land: I think Florida has gotten lucky these last couple of weeks and I think Auburn exposes a bit of that this week…You know what that means: GUS BUS ROLL.

Hays: I love this game because this will be another true road test for Bo Nix and the Tigers. I really like how Malzahan has called plays for the Tigers this year because he is not trying too much. With a front seven like Auburn, it can give problems for teams, and I think the Gators are in trouble.

Ross: True freshman Bo Nix in the Swamp… this will be a tough road test for this Auburn squad. The sweater-vest-wearin’ head coach will out-match the coach that shall not be named. Auburn continues to stay in the thick of the SEC West race.

3 P.M. – Troy (2-2) vs. Missouri (3-1)

Spread: MIZZ -24.5

O/U: 66.5

Jake: Who cares…? I guess I care THIS week since the Rebs play in Columbia next week. Kelly Bryant has been average since week one, so it’s about time he lived up to the hype from Clemson. He needs to have a big day, but regardless, the Tigers win at home. 

Evie: This is a game I normally wouldn’t be interested in at all–but since Missouri will be the Rebs’ next opponent, I will likely tune in just to take a look at how QB Kelly Bryant is playing. Other than that….I think Missouri wins this handily. 

Land:  Troy ain’t no pushover, but I think the ZOU starts slow and then finds themselves in the second half and take over.    

Hays: Troy’s been a solid team over the last three years, but the Tigers won’t miss a beat.


6 P.M. – #3 Georgia (4-0, 1-0 SEC) vs Tennessee (1-3, 0-1 SEC)

Spread: UGA -24.5

O/U: 51.5

Jake: This rivalry means too much to Tennessee for them to lay a total egg. They’ll show up for about a quarter, maybe almost til halftime, but when it’s all said and done, UGA might hang 50 on the Vols, and win by a few TDs. Georgia is too talented and too deep for a struggling team like Tennessee. UT might give the Dawgs a run for their money for a bit, but Georgia should win easily. 

Evie: I don’t think this one will even be close. Georgia’s defense will manhandle the Vols. 

Land:  LOL. Georgia 

Hays: This is going to an absolute beatdown. This is just a business trip for Bulldogs, and they will march right into Neyland and give the Vols the business. Georgia’s defense is legit, and Tennessee’s offense is not very good. This is a bad matchup for the Vols.

Ross: I’ll make it simple. Georgia is a very good team. Tennessee is a very bad team. Georgia wins.




Ole Miss

Utah State


#5 LSU

#7 Auburn


#10 Florida




#3 Georgia



Jake OM 34-27 LSU 52-13 AUB 27-21 MIZZ 41-21 UGA 38-17
Evie OM 42-14 LSU 59-7 AUB 28-20 MIZZ 45-14 UGA 35-10
Land OM 31-13 LSU 66-10 AUB 31-23 MIZZ 48-24 UGA 42-17
Hays OM 34-21 LSU 63-21 AUB 28-24 MIZZ 49-17 UGA 35-10
Ross OM 38-27 LSU 66-17 AUB 31-21 MIZZ 45-21 UGA 38-14



Jake Evans

Jake Evans

Jake, a 2021 graduate of Ole Miss with a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications, is from Nashville, TN. Along with his work at The Rebel Walk, Jake hosts “The Flagship Football Show” podcast. He’s also a huge fan of the Rebels, Titans, Predators, and Braves.

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Jake Evans

Jake, a 2021 graduate of Ole Miss with a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications, is from Nashville, TN. Along with his work at The Rebel Walk, Jake hosts "The Flagship Football Show" podcast. He's also a huge fan of the Rebels, Titans, Predators, and Braves.

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