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A foodie paradise: Top five places to eat when you’re in Oxford

A foodie paradise: Top five places to eat when you’re in Oxford

OXFORD, Miss. — One who is unfamiliar with the state of Mississippi would never guess that in a small town in Lafayette County, there exists a foodie paradise.

A view on The Square in Oxford, Miss. (Photo credit: Cheryl Goodwin, SouthernKind Images)

The community of Oxford is what some would call the perfect college town. From its reputation as the home of The Grove – the best tailgating spot in America- to widely being known as one of the most beautiful college locations in the United States, it is safe to say this small town in northern Mississippi packs a big punch as one of the best cities in the south.

The folks who have the privilege of living here, as well as those who make the trek for football Saturdays in The Grove, can surely speak to the magnificence of Oxford. What some people may forget to mention about the home of Ole Miss, however, is that our little town has one of the fastest growing and most lively food scenes in the entire southeast.

From its delicious high-end cuisine to its rapidly growing gas station food options, Oxford has something for everyone. If you’re someone who loves to eat out and would like to visit then take a look into the AMEX Gold Card because it might be able to improve your finances if you’re spending lots of money on groceries! Likewise, to stretch your grocery budget, you may want to consider looking for coupons and promo codes for your chosen store. This site is a useful resource for discovering such discounts – We’d like to offer a few suggestions as to what you should try next time you make it to everyone’s “home away from home.” Nothing you eat in Oxford will disappoint you. Instead, you’ll likely marvel at the vast array of options and new takes on southern classics.

The following list contains a mix of numerous kinds of foods, price points, and levels of restaurant-ranging from gas station snacks to star-rated cuisine and everything in between.

Boure’ – 110 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS

Menu –

Price point – $$

I am going to start this list with a personal favorite of mine and many others. Boure’ is a homey, casual eatery placed perfectly in The Square near everything your heart desires.

The moment you walk in, you will notice the lively atmosphere as you find yourself surrounded by dark hardwoods and a beautiful southern feel that nestles you in as you sit down to eat your meal. There are televisions on the walls for watching sports and a full bar in back that stocks whatever you may want.

As far as the menu goes, there is not really a bad choice at Boure’. From the delicious seafood-filled po-boy dubbed “The Peacemaker,” to the perfectly-cooked pasta jambalaya, you will find everything you might expect in a classic southern eatery and something suitable for all tastes.

Our Pick: The Boure Fried Chicken Sandwich – This sandwich will beat out any other chicken sandwich you throw its way. The crunchy fried outer shell encases some of the most tender and juicy chicken you will ever taste. Get it with the pepper-jack cheese and add on a basket of sweet potato fries, and you are set for a great meal amidst the wonderful décor and helpful staff.

Fill-Up with Billups – 1107 Jackson Ave E., Oxford, MS

Menu –

Price point – $

Up next is one of my favorite new(ish) restaurants on The Square, Fill-up with Billups. Located right down the street from Boure’, this fantastic and delicious breakfast stop uses the savory smell of perfectly cooked breakfast food to beckon all to enter.

Those who are also looking for some late-night grub will not be disappointed to find out that Thursday through Saturday, Fill-up with Billlups is open until 2 a.m. YES, 2 A.M.!

Walking up to this literal “whole in the wall” joint will immediately make want to step inside and try the delicious food. You will most definitely not leave hungry.

Serving everything from breakfast classics, such as the popular Chicken – N – Waffles, to new breakfast favorites such as their famous “Wafflewiches” (YES, A WAFFLE SANDWICH!), Fill-up with Billups offers something to satisfy every hungry customer.

Our Pick: Any of the “Wafflewiches” plus the Honey Hot Chicken Grits – Talk about a filler-upper, these sandwiches are some of the most perfectly cooked Belgian waffles you will ever sink your teeth into, and the grits topped with a heaping of fried chicken will never cease to amaze. Get your “Wafflewich” in the Monte Cristo style, and you will indulge yourself with a sandwich (AGAIN, MADE OF WAFFLES) filled with crispy bacon, ham, and American cheese, topped with powdered sugar. You will NOT be disappointed.

Thacker 564 – 3000 Old Taylor Rd Ste. C, Oxford, Mississippi

Menu –

Price point – $

Are you looking for great bar food? Here ya go! This upper-echelon bar is one of the best places in Oxford in which to share delicious snacks and enjoy great conversations with friends. The beautiful establishment off Old Taylor offers a welcoming environment to both locals and visitors, alike.

From delicious sandwiches to tasty salads, Thacker has something for everyone, and you’ll feel cozy and comfortable in this upscale eatery.

Our Pick: “Faulkner’s Fav” paired with the sweet potato salad – This brioche sandwich, topped with bourbon brown-sugar smoked ham and brie with dijon sauce, tastes like a dream in your mouth. The amazing sweet potato salad accentuates the flavors of the sandwich and makes it a perfect pairing. The kind staff and expert chef really make this a great overall experience in the heart of northern Mississippi.

4 Corners Chevron – 502 South Lamar Blvd, Oxford, Mississippi

Menu –

Price Point – $

If you live in Oxford or have ever visited, you have probably heard of “Chicken on A Stick.” Open 24-hours, the 4 Corners Chevron station has everything you may need-plus some.

In addition to the world-famous “Chicken on a Stick,” the 4 Corners Chevron has many other food options, including delicious corn dogs and a surprising favorite in the southwest egg rolls. For a gas station, this place is top-notch: easy, quick, and delicious.

Our Pick – “Chicken on a Stick” – Let’s not kid ourselves; chicken on a stick is simply perfect. While you can pair it with some of their veggies for a bit extra, the main course is why you should stop in.

City Grocery – 152 Courthouse Square, Oxford, Mississippi

Menu –

Price Point – $$$

If you are looking for the “5-star restaurant” of Oxford, this is it, hands down. Most people consider it the best restaurant in Oxford, and I tend to agree with that statement.

Whether you go to City Grocery on a date night or for a fancy dinner, you’ll be impressed. The décor is perfectly southern, and the staff is beyond exceptional at serving its guests. The food? Well, it goes without saying it is divine. Offering everything from expertly-cooked fish to super tender pork belly, City Grocery will not disappoint. They are open for lunch and dinner, with a separate menu for each, and they also serve a delicious brunch!

Our picks:

Dinner: “Homeplace Pastures Pork Belly”
Lunch: “Muffuletta”
Brunch: “Chicken Confit Hash”

It is safe to say that you could pick any item on the menu and be pleased beyond belief. But if you are going to go to a place like this, you might as well be adventurous. Try something you haven’t had before. City Grocery changes the menu from time to time, so look for what is new when you return. By the way, the Muffuletta is so New Orleans, it’s absolutely perfect.

Honorable Mention

Picking only five restaurants was almost impossible, given all the great options in Oxford. So I have added some honorable mentions. Just know, you can’t make a bad choice, no matter where you choose to dine!

Proud Larry’s – $$ – Italian bar food, live music, great pasta

Saint Leo – $$ – AMAZING pizza, great vibes

Ajax Diner – $$ – comfort-food galore, great cornbread

South Depot Taco Shop – $ – Inexpensive, amazing tacos

It is safe to say Oxford, Mississippi is truly a foodie’s paradise. As a student here, I can tell you it’s the best in the south!

Welcome to Oxford and Hotty Toddy!

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Archie has been an Ole Miss fanatic since day one. Born in Denver, Colorado, he has a passion for everything Ole Miss and loves to be part of the great gameday experience. He is currently a freshman at the University of Mississippi and is studying the field of Journalism and Law. Archie played football in high school and also has extensive knowledge of all things college athletics.

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