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Shooting victim is ‘father figure’ to Ole Miss DE Fadol Brown

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When news surfaced of a black man being shot by a white policeman in North Charleston, South Carolina, few Rebels realized the story would soon hit close to home.

Walter Scott was the man shot in the back Saturday by the policeman, Michael Slager, 33. Ole Miss fans learned Wednesday that Mr. Scott has been a father figure to Ole Miss junior DE Fadol Brown for many years.

A bystander captured video of the horrific scene which has led to murder charges against Slager.

Scott, who was unarmed during the killing, was allegedly fleeing a traffic stop Slager fired eight shots. The video shows Slager firing his weapon at a fleeing Scott, who falls to the ground after the last shot. Originally, Slager stated Scott had stolen his taser during an altercation, but the video clearly shows Slager dropping some sort of object near Scott’s body after he has fallen to the ground.

Faded Brown recorded 38 tackles in 2014 for the Rebels and also was second on the team in QBH with 5. (Photo Credit: Bentley Breland)

Faded Brown recorded 38 tackles in 2014 for the Rebels and also was second on the team in QBH with 5. (Photo Credit: Bentley Breland)

Brown tweeted earlier today:

Walter Scott was my step dad …I loved him to death that cop didn’t have to shoot him down like a dog like that …gone miss you man.” — fear fadol (@Fadol_90) April 8, 2015

Ole Miss head football coach Hugh Freeze issued the following statement today: 

Walter Scott was in a relationship with the mother of Fadol’s longtime girlfriend and served as a father figure to Fadol for a number of years. Obviously this is a very emotional and difficult time for all parties involved, and our thoughts are with Fadol and his loved ones after this tragic event.” — Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze

Brown transferred to Ole Miss from FIU in July, 2013 and in the 2014 season made his presence known on the Rebels’ top-ranked defense.

He played in 13 games, starting nine of those. He recorded 38 tackles in 2014 and was second on the team in quarterback-hurries with five.

At Burke High School in Charleston, South Carolina, Brown was the Class AA Lineman of the Year and Region 6-A Defensive Player of the Year his senior season as he helped his team to the Region 6-A title and a state playoff berth.

Our prayers are with Fadol and all of Walter Scott’s family.

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