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The Rebel Walk Baseball Glossary

The Rebel Walk Baseball Glossary

The Rebel Walk plans to continue tweeting as many Ole Miss Rebel baseball games as we can this season, much like we did with the series against UCF this weekend.

During the games with UCF, we received a few questions about some of the baseball terminology we used. Our terminology to describe events taking place on the diamond is a cross between actual scoring terms, twitter jargon and a few good adjectives.

For anyone who might wonder what some of our terms mean, we thought it would be helpful to offer something akin to a “Rebel Walk Baseball Glossary.” This will be an evolving list our Rebel Walk staff will update as the season progresses.

Monday Baseball Q&A Sessions

RW logoWe are also introducing weekly Q&A sessions where Rebel fans can tweet me (Johnny Flynn) any baseball questions they may have. These questions can be about something as specific as what constitutes a “win” for a pitcher—or how it’s possible for the same pitcher to have both a “blown save” and record a “win” in the same game.

I will answer baseball questions on Twitter every Monday night from 7-8 pm, CST.  No question is insignificant, so hit me with your best shot! Tweet your question to: @TheRebelWalk

Rebel Walk Baseball Glossary

Position Numbers – Most of you know baseball positions are named with numbers. This is done to make it easy to record the events taking place on the diamond in the official scorebook. So instead of saying, “The pitcher threw to first base for the out,” it is listed as 1-3, etc. Here are the numbers you will see The Rebel Walk use on twitter and their corresponding positions:

Pitcher = 1
Catcher = 2
First = 3
Second = 4
Third = 5
Short Stop = 6
Left field = 7
Center field = 8
Right field = 9

Example: If Errol Robinson fields the ball from his shortstop position and throws to Sikes Orvis at first to get the runner out, you will see that called as a 6-3 out. A double play from short to second to first would be listed as 6-4-3, etc.

Slang Terms and Their Meanings

2 BallGet a ground ball to turn a double play
Crooked NumberAny number of runs, except 1
DishHome plate
DPDouble Play
FCFielder's Choice - Defense could have gotten batter out but chose to try to get a different player out.
FOFly Out
GOGround Out
HBPHit by Pitch
HillPitching Mound
Hit a Missilehit a hard ball
Hit and RunThis is when a runner steals and a batter swings--regardless of where the pitch is.
Home RunHas many terms--including "bomb," "big fly," "Moon shot," "dinger," and "GOODBYE"
LOLine Out
Ump Squeezing HimUmpire is not giving the Pitcher strikes on good pitches
ZoneStrike Zone

Stay tuned and Tweet us your questions!

We hope you’ll tune in to @TheRebelWalk when we are tweeting the games! If you have any questions, feel free to email: or tweet me on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm CST @TheRebelWalk

Hotty Toddy!

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Dan Anderson is a photographer and writer for The Rebel Walk. In addition to his work covering Ole Miss football and baseball for The Rebel Walk, Dan has written for a number of newspapers and has experience as a public address announcer, handling both play-by-play and color commentary. Dan has been involved with athletics as a player, coach or parent for 40 years, and brings this unique perspective to his coverage, whether through his lens or with his pen.

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