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Podcast: Ole Miss star Armintie Price-Herrington

Podcast: Ole Miss star Armintie Price-Herrington

Interview conducted and provided by Rex Kinnison. 

(Click the “Play” button to hear Rex Kinnison’s interview with Armintie!)

Earlier this week, former Ole Miss women’s basketball player Armintie Price-Herrington was named a member of the Southeastern Conference Class of 2015 SEC Women’s Legends. Price-Herrington played basketball for Ole Miss from 2004-2007 and ranks third all-time in career points, second in rebounds, and first in steals. Here’s an interview she did with Rex Kinnison in 2013.

Rex Kinnison has extensive podcast experience, interviewing many Rebel athletes and coaches. Rex can be reached via email at or you can follow him on Twitter at: @RebelRex75

More podcasts coming soon! 

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