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Rebels offer No. 1 TE in 2023: A visit with Luke Hasz and his coach Loren Montgomery

Rebels offer No. 1 TE in 2023: A visit with Luke Hasz and his coach Loren Montgomery

When we think of Oklahoma, it’s easy to quickly label it “Sooner” or “Cowboy” territory, but the Rebels have their eyes on one of the state’s best players, Luke Hasz.

RW Director of Recruiting Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Just along the north and south portions of the Arkansas River out in Tulsa county, you will found Bixby, Oklahoma, nicknamed the “Garden Spot of Oklahoma,” for its rich agrarian way of life.

It’s also the place cultivating quite the recruiting spot for teams who have gotten a look at class of 2023, 4-star hybrid athlete Hasz.

The three-sport Oklahoman (football, basketball and track) is quite the versatile playmaker. Although he plays outside wide receiver for Bixby High School, Hasz is being recruited as a tight end. He also made an explosive mark on the defensive side of the ball playing edge this past season.

The 6-foot-4, 220-pound Hasz is currently ranked the No. 36 overall athlete for the class of 2023. He also comes in as the No. 1 tight end and the No. 1 in Oklahoma according to the 247 Sports composite. 

Hasz currently boasts 27 offers from schools such as Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, USC, UCF, Baylor and Memphis, along with SEC offers from LSU, Arkansas, Alabama, A&M, South Carolina, and Ole Miss. 

Hasz took to twitter Wednesday to announce his offer from the Rebs:

Here’s a glimpse of what Hasz can do on the gridiron. Just imagine this talented player in a Lane Kiffin/Jeff Lebby offensive show.

Hasz notched 32 catches for 703 yards and 9 touchdowns as a sophomore, while also recording 7 tackles, a tackle for loss and 4 quarterback hurries at defensive end.

While their home state of Oklahoma may be the land of Sooners and Cowboys, the Hasz family is no stranger to the SEC culture. Hasz’s sister Jenna recently graduated from Arkansas, and his aunt is also an Arkansas alum who holds regular season-tickets for the Hogs.

Nevertheless, it would be beneficial for the Rebs to show Hasz just what the ‘Sip is all about — and why he might want to consider Rebel red instead. Not only is he a star athlete, Hasz comes from one of the best high school football programs in the country. His Bixby team finished No. 21 in the USA last season and was named the best team in Oklahoma by Maxpreps.

We recently had a chance to catch up with 2021 6 A-II State Champion head coach Loren Montgomery and the talented Luke Hasz to talk about recruiting and what makes Hasz a player you want to have on the Rebel radar.

An Interview with Head Coach Loren Montgomery

Rebel Walk: Can you tell our Rebel readers about your football background?

Head coach Loren Montgomery

Coach Montgomery: I am in heading into my 22nd year of coaching.  This next season will be my 12th season as head coach at Bixby High School. Before that, I was an assistant for 10 years at Jenks High School. 

Rebel Walk: Recruiting has taken a big turn this past season and has required a lot of adjustments and adaptation, not just from programs but from players. Now that it appears the dead period will officially end on June 1st, what sort of relief do you think this brings to your athletes?

Coach Montgomery: I think it will be good for the kids. There is a lot of pressure to commit to these universities, but many of our student athletes have never visited a campus. 

Rebel Walk: How will the end of the dead period change the scope of recruiting heading into June and July for a player like Luke Hasz?

Coach Montgomery: I think it will allow him to get a better ideas of the universities he wants to consider. 

Rebel Walk: Coach, there is a great deal of talent in the state of Oklahoma — What has been the key to get your program and athletes on the radar?

Coach Montgomery: A commitment by our school district to provide the resources to our football program that allow us to be successful.  We have the best weight room in Oklahoma, and our kids train in it all year long. 

Rebel Walk: What is your biggest goal this offseason for your program and recruiting for your athletes?

Coach Montgomery: To help them in any way that I can.  The process is stressful on these kids, so helping them make a decision and focus on being the best player they can for the Bixby Spartans. 

Rebel Walk: When you see an athlete like Luke Hasz, you can’t help but recognize his elite and diverse abilities. What do you think is most overlooked about his athletic skillset in recruiting?

Coach Montgomery: What you can’t see is how hard he works.  His Type-A personality and drive that he possesses. 

Rebel Walk: What would you say makes him stand out at his position and as an overall athlete?

Coach Montgomery: Physicality and hands. 

Coach Loren Montgomery
Coach Montgomery will be entering his eleventh season as Head Football Coach for the Bixby Spartans. He has led the Spartans to five State Championships and one runner-up finish in Oklahoma’s 6A-II and has an overall record of 83-37 and a playoff record of 17-3 as the Spartans Head Coach. During the undefeated 2019 season, Coach Montgomery earned OSSAA, Daily Oklahoman, and Tulsa World Coach of the year honors. He also was awarded OCA Region 7 and NFHS regional coach of the year.

Rebel Walk: Has there been a play that he made that just stood out to you?

Coach Montgomery: Luke made a lot of big plays, but he made a reception in our semifinal matchup over one of the most talented defensive backs in Oklahoma. 

Rebel Walk: What would you say is his X-Factor?

Coach Montgomery: His Drive. 

Rebel Walk: What kind of program do you see him thriving in most?

Coach Montgomery: A program that uses an H-back in all sorts of alignments. 

Rebel Walk: Ole Miss offense is explosive and the Rebs sure know how to develop strong athletes at the TE position. From a coaching perspective, what could adding a hybrid athlete like Luke do to amp it up even more?

Coach Montgomery: I think an athlete like Luke who has a high football IQ will allow them to be extremely multiple without changing personnel. 

Rebel Walk: What sort of potential chaos could he cause for opposing SEC defenses with his particular skill set?

Coach Montgomery: Being able to line up in multiple sets without changing personnel give defensive coordinators nightmares. 

Rebel Walk: What has been your recruiting guidance, not just for Luke and his journey but to all your athletes?

Coach Montgomery: Don’t become overwhelmed. Choose a place where you feel comfortable.  Make sure it doesn’t affect your training or performance for the Bixby Spartans. 

Rebel Walk: What song are you playing right now to amp up your day?

Coach Montgomery: LOL.  Robert Earl Keen Radio on Pandora. 

An Interview with Luke Hasz 

Rebel Walk: What would be your hashtag for your recruitment?

Luke Hasz: #Thankful

Rebel Walk: What is a typical day for you like during the offseason?

Luke Hasz: Recovery in morning, throwing, then school, lifting, then track practice.

Rebel Walk: What has stood out the most about the programs that have recruited you? What have you appreciated especially during this pandemic time?

Luke Hasz: What they see in me and believe in me and how they like what I do on the field and off the field.

Rebel Walk: Now that you know the dead period will end June 1st, do you have any plans for June and July as far as visiting some of the top programs in your recruitment?

Luke Hasz: Not sure yet but, I am excited to get out and see the colleges and coaches I talk to.

Rebel Walk: A lot of athletes — especially elite ones like yourself — have continued to create opportunities to still be seen and develop outside your high school programs particularly 7v7? How has 7v7 helped elevate your development and recruitment?

Luke Hasz: It has helped a ton with the route-running aspect and ball skills. I’m very fortunate to be a part of an amazing high school team with amazing coaches who help with development and recruitment.

Rebel Walk: What are some of the key factors that will come into play when you start narrowing down your top choices?

Luke Hasz: The right fit for me on the field and academically.

Rebel Walk: As a multi-sport athlete will that factor in where you choose to play on Saturdays in the future?

Luke Hasz: No, but playing multiple sports has helped me no doubt.

Rebel Walk: Who has had the biggest influence on you?

Luke Hasz: Everyone in my family

Rebel Walk: You are on the radar and hold offers from a variety of Power 5 programs from every region, which is no surprise given your talent. What do you believe is your strongest — but sometimes most overlooked — skillset?

Luke Hasz: Being coachable and doing whatever it takes to win.

Rebel Walk: If you play in the SEC what do you think is your ‘x-factor’ that sets you apart, and why programs should be take a look at Luke Hasz?

Luke Hasz: Being versatile and being able to run routes and get open as well as block on the perimeter.

Rebel Walk: What sort of things would you say you can bring that might create some more opportunities by incorporating a skilled athlete like yourself into the mix at Ole Miss?

Luke Hasz: I feel like I could make an impact wherever the coach wants me but especially expanding the offensive threats.

Rebel Walk: What recruiting advice do you have for other athletes during these different times?

Luke Hasz: Just keep working and it will all work out in the end.

The Breakdown

We know just how dangerous the Ole Miss offense can be with the right players, especially at the tight end position. So, of course, it makes sense to take a look at the number one class of 2023 tight end from the state of Oklahoma.

I don’t like to compare players, but I know sometimes it helps folks to relate to a player with whom you are familiar. When I first saw Hasz, Jimmy Graham came to mind. In an article with, Coach Montgomery compares him to two other talented tight ends. 

It’s funny, everyone is recruiting Luke as a tight end but he didn’t play tight end for us, he played outside wide receiver. But this year, understanding that he picks up on things very well, he reminds us of a Mark Andrews (Baltimore Ravens) or Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs).”  

Bixby High School head coach Loren Montgomery

Hasz’ arm-length will give any of his future quarterbacks a big, confident target to hit, one that can outreach his defender. He has great pad speed, solid field awareness, and really “sees”  the holes and gaps. He goes full force to make a play, giving 100 percent at all times. In the right offense, Hasz can be a high-scoring, game-changer.

Hotty Toddy!

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Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann is the Director of Recruiting for The Rebel Walk. She is a veteran SEC sports journalist and NFL content writer. She is also the Sr. Editor for MESPORTS digital. Herring-Olvedo is a Brown University graduate who loves good cigars, good games, and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.

About The Author

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo

Lee Ann is the Director of Recruiting for The Rebel Walk. She is a veteran SEC sports journalist and NFL content writer. She is also the Sr. Editor for MESPORTS digital. Herring-Olvedo is a Brown University graduate who loves good cigars, good games, and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.

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